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Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcome to my blog, and a big thank you to Nadir Kamdar for introducing me to

Here I hope to share with you my awareness of our world, where we are being led, and what we can do for ourselves. Whether we choose to do anything is a personal preference.

Perhaps I need to make a point at the very outset. This blog does not promote a particular "religion", and in time the reason for this will become obvious. What it does "promote" is the need for each of us to refuse to accept any situation where we are forcibly deprived of our right to think for ourselves, act for ourselves, and to take personal responsibility for our actions and affairs. Put simply, it is a place that will help us realise the extent to which we have become enslaved, and to make known the tools we can use to bring about our liberty and freedom.

Because of my medical background, I may occasionally make reference to medical matters. My studies in Law may cause me to reflect on these matters on accasion. The extent to which the media restricts our access to the truth may result in some discussion on current affairs. The common thread that runs through everything is our need to be free.

It is my hope that in time, we will acquire the numbers to make a real difference.

Bye for now.