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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is this another planned “Order out of Chaos” scenario?

We watch in awe as country after country across the roof of Africa is shaken to its roots as ordinary citizens’ rise in anger against their despot rulers.

Those charged with ensuring that the state is protected from the wrath of its people are trained to act against criminals, not to fire upon their own families, friends and tribal members. Faced with this dilemma, it is not surprising that the “boots on the street” are deserting the state in droves and working with the people to bring about change.

Watching this unfold is mesmerizing. If only it were the whole story.

One cannot help but marvel at the pace at which events are unfolding and the organization that must be involved, for without doubt, what we are witnessing is the outcome of immense planning and organization, even though it may not initially appear as such.

I read a report that discussed a conference that was held last year (2010), and apparently followed another that was held two years earlier, in which youth groups from around the world gathered and were briefed on how to use the internet, cell phones and social networks to bring about the kind of change we are witnessing. The last conference included input from representatives of Google, Microsoft, and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

As the scenes play out, we are reminded of the words of Karl Rove, consultant and political advisor to former US President George W Bush, “We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Are we once again left to study the new reality they are creating? While we are still busy trying to make sense of it, will they be creating another new reality with the formation of the New World Order (NWO) single world government.?

We ignore at our own peril the response of “western” nations to these uprisings. In the past, irrespective of the country concerned or the number of people involved, these countries sent in their troops and their equipment to stifle and crush the opposition “in response to the request of the legitimate government for assistance”.

The legitimate complaints of the people were ignored using any excuse, no matter how implausible, but not this time.

We saw the legitimately elected government of occupied Palestine being rejected while the illegitimate “government” of Somalia is being imposed upon the majority. The History of Algeria and the rejection of the election results when the “wrong” people won cannot be forgotten. We find Afghanistan under siege, but these troops are there assisting “the government”. What has changed that the puppets are now finding themselves isolated and “betrayed” by their own puppet masters?

The allies of these despots are reported to have turned down calls for assistance, and are actually supporting the calls for change.Why? Surely this does not make any sense? What possible benefit can there be in replacing their loyal decades-long puppets with “democracy”. Indeed, it all seems quite bizarre until we study the bigger picture.

These puppets served their purpose in the past, but are now a liability. It is now time for chaos, out of which will arise “the New World Order”, a single government, unelected, that will rule the world.

To make this a reality requires compliant “leaders” across the globe. They will have to sign away sovereignty and allow their nation to be incorporated into the single world government. These current despots do not fit the required profile. They will not relinquish power. Faced with the loss of national sovereignty and their personal power, they could rouse their people against the plans for world government, and in so doing take away even the fig-leaf of legitimacy the architects of such incorporation desire. They will not want too much dissent, since their numbers are small compared to that of the rest of humanity and cannot hope to take on everyone at once. Those who oppose the plan have ways of getting themselves heard and this could proove problematic.

It is my belief that the would-be world rulers have decided that now is the time to use the people against their despots. This eliminates one of the problems. It makes no difference who is elected in the immediate aftermath; in time their agents will be insinuated into the highest levels of government. These puppets, the “authorized” leaders of the nation, will betray their countries and incorporate into the NWO.

It makes no difference that the process will be illegitimate. It will be “legitimized” by one of many possible means, such as rigged referendums or a "majority decision" of Parliament despite unversal condemnation by the people. It is amazing what some people will do for personal apparent gain.

Then, protest by the people will be treated very differently. They will be labeled as terrorists, and the world army will descend upon them to squash this rebellion in “their” province.

This sounds very gloomy, but it is where I believe we are heading. While I have no doubt that what we are witnessing across Northern Africa and the Middle East is a reflection of the sincere attempts of people to free themselves from oppression, I believe that the process is being assisted and abetted by the inaction of foreign nations, and their verbal support for change is motivated by their desire to eventually abuse what is happening for their own long term benefit.

The response of Big Business also sheds light on their view of the happenings. In the case of Assange of Wikileaks, the banks refused to process donations to him and his organization, and Google did not allow “Wikileaks” to appear on search lists. Today we find Google assisting people by making available “speak to tweet” and other means to bypass state censorship and its attempt to stop people from organizing themselves. This clearly indicates where the western elite stand in these uprisings. When these elites act, it is never for the benefit of anyone else but themselves.

The response of ordinary Israeli’s to the happenings in Egypt is also enlightening. They appeared to be at quite a loss. Their government’s initial response also suggests that they were not quite “in the loop”. For the New World Order to become a reality, every nation will have to lose sovereignty; that includes Israel. There is no place for a sovereign Jewish state under the NWO.

Jerusalem is slated to be the capital of the new World Government. One may speculate that it will be sold as the Capital of Muslims, Jews and Christians. One can imagine news reels showing people singing in the streets at the announcement, but not the images of those who oppose the new government, or their dead bodies or that of those rotting in rat infested dungeons.

Another practice common to the despots has been exposed in the last few weeks, and that is their use of thugs, criminals and mercenaries to perpetrate acts of violence against protestors and to destroy property. These criminals are on the bankroll of the “government”. This should make everyone stop and think long and hard.

Their acts are then attributed to the protestors, and used as justification for further state violence against them. It has not worked this time round, but it should be a somber lesson to us all. In existing democracies, the state uses the  alleged threat posed by criminals to justify the huge numbers of police in their employ, but these police are not there to protect us against criminals; they are there to protect the state against the backlash from civilians. This is the clearest indication to all thinking people that to have peace and prosperity, we require a government without the power to impose taxes, and a small police force that is made up of civilians, is under civilian control and which acts in our service.

We need to ensure that the revolutions produce the result we seek. The only way to do this safely is by eliminating the system of Parliamentary “democracy”, where one individual is empowered to make decisions that bind a whole nation, and to replace it with one where power lay the hands of each individual. The role of government must be to protect the free will of the individual and protect the peace. Only by implementing Shariah is this possible.

Under Shariah no nation can be illegitimately incorporated into a world government, because under this system the people are the government and they are the army and are empowered to arm and defend them selves, their families, their nation, and their freedom.

If we are to make sure that the martyrs did not make their sacrifice in vein, we must ensure that Shariah is the system we all adopt, and this applies to every individual, irrespective of our faith, race, culture or nationality. This is the only way to secure our independence.

It is time for Jew and gentile, white and black, European, African and Asian, monotheist, polytheist and atheist and everyone in between to join together in securing our future and that of our future descendants.

Umtil next time.

From the words of Mark Twain ...
Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that,

but the really great
make you feel that you, too, can become great.
To which I like to add

and the exceptionally great
Make you realize that you are great.
All you need to overcome is your fear.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amputation for theft - barbarism or infinite wisdom?

I was at a social gathering recently and when we returned home my wife mentioned someone complaining that the cutting off of hands was unacceptable. The person concerned qualifies as a “good” Muslim by any standard.

This is a matter of far greater importance than simply the way we approach punishment for theft. Have we stopped to think about the implications of speaking in this manner, or of our duty as a Muslim when we hear someone speak in this way? Of even greater importance, what is our view of this practice?

One wonders how it is possible for one gifted with the awareness of God to feel revulsion for a practice enjoined by God and implemented by His Prophet (PBUH). What does this tell us about our trust in God and His guidance to us?

To voice such disapproval in public is tantamount to a renunciation of our faith. How many of us have inadvertently become apostate, and end up dying in this state of disbelief, God forbid. Anyone who feels this way about amputation must review his faith or belief.

This episode also serves as a warning that we need to review this aspect of the criminal justice system.

Only four misdemeanors are defined (they are regarded as crimes against the Almighty) and punishment has been prescribed. These are theft, robbery, perjury and adultery. Strict criteria must be met for ones activity to qualify and for the punishment to be effected.

Here are some of the guidelines as stated in “Hidaya, Commentary on the Islamic Laws” regarding theft, the crime which qualifies for amputation.

The item in question
-Must be in safe custody (such as locked in a home or shop, or clearly under ones personal protection). It does not apply to items left carelessly in public and unattended.

-Must be valued in excess of 10 Dirhams. At today’s price (14/02/2011) that means more than R231.50.
[1 Dirham = 3 grams of silver
 Price of silver = $30/oz
 1 oz = 28.35 grams
Price of silver = $30/28.35/g of silver  = $1.06 per g of silver
10 Dihhams = 30 g silver = 30 x $1.06 = $31.8
$1 = R7.28
10 Dirhams =  R7.28 x 31.8 = R231.50].
Taking items of trivial value does not qualify one for amputation.

Taking possession of the following does not qualify as theft.
-Relatively unimportant items such as grass, bamboo and wood
-Unharvested grain
-Perishables such as milk, meat or fruit
-A copy of the Quran
-The door of a mosque
-Items taken from within a mosque
-Crucifix or chess pieces even if made of Gold
-Stray dog
-a drum or pipe
-Items that belong to ones mother, father or child
-Items belonging to a person one may not marry (the forbidden relationship)

A confession by the thief or the testimony of two competent witnesses completes the requirements.

For a first offence, the punishment is amputation of the right hand, and for a second, the left foot.

It is abundantly clear that amputation is not something that is taken lightly, and strict criteria must be met for its application.

But more to the point of our discussion, why is amputation appropriate punishment, and hence ordained by the Almighty.

In its absence, some other form of punishment is called for, and it has to be one that serves as a potent deterrent; a vitally important objective. Everyone knows that stealing is wrong, even if we do not understand the deep ramifications of this to a civilization at large. The temptation to have what others enjoy is strong. But no one has any inherent right to every privilege available on Earth. Most of us have to learn patience and to be accepting of our limitations. We need to learn that for things we wish to acquire, personal sacrifice is required. We do not usurp the products of the efforts of others.

We need to develop self respect, dignity and a sense of personal honor. Stealing destroys all of these, and in the process destroys the entire civilization. Once started, there is no end. We become tolerant of theft by others (such as taxes) as we learn to become adept thieves ourselves, whether by way of medical aid fraud, insurance scams, fraudulent business practices etc. These are all manifestations of the same underlying disease. Theft is no minor issue just because, generally, no physical harm is caused to anyone, and the punishment has to reflect the seriousness of the pathology at hand.

What may these alternative punishments be?

The individual may be whipped or flogged. Here the thief’s back is usually affected. This is contrary to the underlying principles of Islam since it was not the back that was used to commit the crime. The back will heal, and the crime may be committed again.

By removing the hand the point is also being made that this individual does not value this gift of God and does not know how to use it with respect and dignity. He has lost the right to its use. In effect, this hand will never again be a party to this crime. The idea that one can be educated against stealing is a fallacy. All the education available has failed to deter this individual, and in the absence of insanity, we have to accept that it will continue to fail.

The person may be levied a fine, which is nothing but another form of taxation and much loved by Democracies. This is most unsuitable as a deterrent. In most cases the guilty party may not have the means to pay.  Does he do community service instead? If so, what is to stop him stealing from the community he is sent to serve? If he does settle the fine, what is to there to discourage him from stealing again in order to recover his “loss”?

Imprisonment transfers the burden of the crime to those who are innocent, since it is their money which is used to house and feed the criminal. This is an injustice.

Whatever alternate punishment is instituted, it requires some form of permanent record keeping. Premises, equipment (stationery, cupboards, air-conditioning etc) and staff make this a costly process, and again puts a financial burden on those innocent of the crime. These records can be stolen, destroyed, either accidentally or by intent, or falsified making this system unreliable. People who wish to know about the individuals past have to endure much cost and difficulty trying to acquire this information. In time, the guilty person can easily fall victim to the temptation once more.

All these problems are solved by the application of amputation.

No one else bears any cost or inconvenience as a result of the actions of the thief.

There is a permanent reminder to the thief to resist the temptation to steal.

When dealing with such a person one is immediately aware of his past and this is important where a criminal past excludes one from occupying public office or from appearing as a witness. This practice excludes thieves from positions of responsibility. Can we say the same for today’s “Democracy”?

Moving around with the tell tale sign of the missing hand is a permanent source of embarrassment to the thief and serves to reinforce our determination not to find ourselves in that situation.

Some may claim that it is inhumane to subject a person to a lifetime of humiliation for a once off crime. Who thinks in this way and who is it that wishes us to think like this? To steal the hard earned fruit of another’s efforts shows a total disregard for the welfare of others or of the pain they must endure from their loss. The items taken may have sentimental value, making them priceless and irreplaceable. There is no end to the loss. Why should anyone who does this to others not be made to bear a similar burden?

There are advantages and disadvantages to the practice, but the good far outweighs the bad and the Almighty has guided us to it. People of wisdom should ponder on this.

We must remember to think very carefully before voicing disapproval of anything advocated by God or His messengers (PBUT). Should we have doubts, we should research the issue with sincerity and an open mind and trust that God will guide us to the truth and the proper explanation.

The current education system has destroyed our foundation of thinking. We no longer think with the mind of a Believer. This is why we fail to appreciate the great wisdom and forethought behind the guidance we have received. We accept the modern understanding of “barbarism” failing to realize that its practice is rooted in injustice and slavery, something which is incomparably barbaric compared to the practical and wise advice of the Almighty.

We owe it to ourselves to revert back to the teachings of the Almighty and to strive to make our world the image of God’s vision for us. Shariah is a comprehensive system that guarantees the free will of every individual and ensures peace and security for everyone who does not violate the rights of others.

To make this a reality requires that we first revert back to Gods guidance, study it and master its reasoning. This will help us develop that degree of trust which compels us to accept all His guidance even when we feel reservations. When we act in this way, in time, He will grant us the cool tranquility of knowing that we are in the right when acting in terms of His guidance, irrespective of what the injunction may be.

May God make this easy for all of us. Amen.

Until next time (God willing).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letters to the editor - Daily News (updated 12/02/2011)

12 Feb 2011
The Editor
The Daily News
Fax: 031 308 2715

Dear Sir

Re: Intelligence failures surrounding the recent regime changes

In the wake of the political tsunamis in Tunisia and Egypt, the total failure of the US and Israeli intelligence communities to even anticipate these has been questioned.

The answer may be found in this quote by Karl Rove, consultant and political advisor to former US President George W Bush, “We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

When people become deluded into thinking that they alone create the realities of our existence, they show absolute contempt and disregard for everyone else. They are so preoccupied with the next “illusion of reality” they are going to create, they do not believe it possible for any other reality to exist.

It is people with this mindset that occupy the corridors of power in the world today. This tsunami that started in the Middle East is going to sweep across the globe. For once, these people are left to study what others are doing, and how they are changing the world.The way of the past is over, and this bodes well for Democracy, liberty and freedom.

NC Kamdar

07 February 2011
The Editor
The Daily News
Fax: 031 308 2715

Re: Change in Egypt

The Egyptian President says he will not seek re-election and will use the remaining time before the end of his term in September to introduce democratic reforms.

Since then we have seen
  1. Demonstrators attacked and killed by thugs, some of whom were shown to be carrying police ID and others who claimed they were paid by government officials to carry out the attack
  2. Ongoing arrests and assaults on reporters and media offices
  3. A continuation of the State of Emergency with regular imposition of curfews.
A person is best judged by what he does, not what he says.

With the entire government apparatus still intact, there is nothing to prevent this dictator keeping himself in office on one excuse after another and continuing his persecution of opponents including those involved in the demonstrations.

He and his associates cannot be trusted. Pressure must be brought to bear to force the immediate resignation of the Presidency and the People’s Assembly. The provisions of Article 84 of the Egyptian Constitution will see the
Constitutional Court
supervising the return to Democracy. There is no need to delay.

The South African government should do what is right and add its voice to that of President Obama in calling for immediate change.

NC Kamdar

06 Feb 2011
The Editor
The Daily News

Dear Sir

Re: Crisis in Egypt

There is much talk about Hosni Mubarak remaining as Egypt’s President until the end of his (self) appointed term, and how this is a stabilizing factor, and that those who reject this generous offer should not be supported. This is true for the USA and Israel, giving them time to insinuate someone suitable to their goals and objectives, but not for those who risked everything to take to the streets against a tyrant of his stature. They simply do not trust him.

How can any sane person expect a three decade long dictator, who mercilessly crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in the past, to suddenly become a champion of democracy? No one believes this is remotely possible.

There is unlikely to be a single protestor who does not believe that the helicopters overhead are recording everything, and that when things "settle down" they will be taken out, tortured and killed.

 The only way open to the protestors is to hold their course until the Cabinet, Parliament and Presidency resigns. They have no plan B.

The western Democractic governments prefer Mubarak while publicly voicing their support for the "principles" of Democracy. Their hypocrisy and double standards are well known to the protestors.

Israel’s open support for Mubarak emphasizes their confidence that their henchmen will prevail. If that is the case, it does not bode well for Democracy.

Or is this just wishful thinking on their part?

NC Kamdar

Re: Is this how Tel Aviv treats its friends? 
It makes one wander what Tel Aviv was really thinking when it decided to openly support Hosni Mubarak in his stand off with the pro-democracy demonstrators, and to call for western leaders to end their criticism of his rule.

Is this how they help a friend, which we all know Mubarak is? In so doing thay have, in the public mind, consolidated the image of Mubarak being one with Mahmood Abbas, the leader of the Palestine Authority, a puppet of the Zionist State who serves no other purpose but to suppress his people, and kill them, for the good of Israel.

If this is the way one treats ones friends, who needs any enemies?

NC Kamdar

Monday, February 7, 2011

Who missed the train?

I followed an interesting discussion on Al Jazeera this morning (Thurday 3 February 2011), The host was speaking to Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan Al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and another gentleman whose name I did not get, but it sounded Eastern European. I shall call him Eastern European Gentleman (EAG).

Both were very impressive, and in their own way, supported what the other was saying about the happenings in Egypt and the need for political change.

EAG then went on to make a point about the need for for peole to act and  to take responsibility for their actions, and used the following anecdote to make his point.

He was with a Persian philosopher in a cafĂ© in Iraq drinking tea, and the thinking man mentioned that it is only foolish people who on getting to the station and finding that that had missed the train, blame fate or destiny. He then added that they must look at their role in their misfortune.

I cannot say for sure whether he was representing the philosopher’s thoughts correctly; neither can I tell what Tariq Ramadan was thinking, but his mood was pensive, having lost the smile that creased his face a minute earlier.

Listening to him talk I felt that this man probably had not yet found God.

The Almighty created us with free will. There is no limit to what we may plan. We do not always act on our plans. There are no consequences for planning, or just thinking about things, whether good or bad.

We may choose to act on our plans. When this happens, our intention is either “good” (do not wish to harm anyone) or “bad” (we wish to harm someone for no good reason). We do not have the power to actually give effect to our plan of action. God decides whether our action will be carried out as we had planned. He does not revoke our free will, but gives effect to our intention or vetoes it. This He does through His absolute control over all things that He has created without free will (and God knows best).

When we choose to act with good intention, God rewards us tenfold the benefit such an action will produce (and we receive this benefit whether God gives effect to our intended actions or not, and whether the actions produce our desired effect or not).

When we act out bad intentions, (or act contrary to good advice) our actions result in negative consequences for us, some in this life and some in the next. And they occur whether we believe in God or not, and whether we are aware of the association between the act and the consequence or not.

When our intended actions are contrary to God’s guidance we end up with consequences that God was helping us avoid (for eg. the Jews who fled Egypt with Prophet Moses (PBUH) wandered through the desert for forty years as a result of failing to act on Gods guidance to attack the inhabitants of a particular area. They brought this consequence upon themselves). It is these negative consequences that we bring upon ourselves that is commonly referred to as “God’s punishment”, and God knows best.

God helps us along in life in a silent and “hidden” manner. We are not aware of Him acting because it is a continuous and lifelong process. His involvement with us is there all the time. We either learn to recognize it or are blind to it. It is much like someone in an airplane; we feel the initial acceleration and then nothing even though the plane is still traveling at a great speed. The initial acceleration occurs at conception.

He does this by selectively giving effect or not giving effect to an intention of ours. Consequently He, and by implication His help, is always with us (we are told He is closer to us than our Jugular Vein). When a train is missed, it is because God had intended it to be so, and there is usually an important reason underling this decision.

Sometimes we discover the connection between the missed train and the benefit this confers, but not always. God knows best. But things happen for our overall benefit, if only we can put our trust in God, become accepting of His decisions, and learn from them, instead of obstinately fighting against them and constantly trying to find someone to blame for our perceived mishaps ( either by way of demanding apologies or pursuing lawsuits).

As an aside, we should note that when we hold others responsible for what happens, we are saying that it was in the exclusive power of that individual to do things in a certain way and must therefore bear responsibility. We are attributing to them the power that is the domain of the Almighty alone. This is an example of how we attribute partners with God, called shirk, in Arabic. No one is worthy of such honor.

Getting back to what I was saying. Let me share one experience with you. I had a meeting to attend at my son’s school (it was compulsory!) and it was scheduled during my consulting hours. I was getting late, and the last patient was taking much longer than I had expected. The conversation was drifting to matters none medical. Towards the end I was made aware of an educational institution which my son was looking for, but which I did not know existed. My delay had a purpose and by being “patient” I enjoyed the benefit. Such things have happened before, and they happen to all of us all the time if only we practiced identifying them. Incidentally, I was 10 minutes late, the other parents having already arrived, but for some unknown reason, the meeting also started 10 minutes late. Coincidence? I didn’t think so.

There are two important lessons we can learn from this.

Firstly, God provides assistance.

Secondly, This assistance is provided to everyone, the pious and the ordinary, those who worship Him and those who deny His existence; and proof of this is the fact that I, who has no claim to any distinction as a Muslim, can feel God’s help in my life. All we need to do is learn how to interpret it and allow it to benefit us. Without the correct mental foundation, we misinterpret every action we experience, and instead of learning from them and drawing closer to God, we force ourselves further away.

We may protest that if everything is in God’s power, and that all actions must be sanctioned by Him, why does he not intervene and block our actions and in so doing make the world a better place? Why do we have all these wars and bloodshed?

To intervene to this extent would mean totally over riding our free will. There will be no possibility of freedom, or accountability. We will have lost the essence of what it means to be human. It would be saying that in order to make the world a better place, God will have to destroy us first..

God is telling us that the world will be a better place if this is what we seek, and if we choose to act with that intention. Then He will make it happen. God does not change the condition of a people until they change it themselves. What we see happening in the world is a manifestation of our intentions or lack of it.

We need not fear death, since that can only take place at its allotted time. What we need is to fearlessly champion liberty and freedom, and God will take care of the rest.

Only foolish people who on getting to the station and finding that that had missed the train, blame fate or destiny. The wish person does not blame himself, he thanks God for His intervention and seeks the benefit he knows this is meant to bring him.

I think EAG may have missed the train on this one.

How many trains do we have to miss before we realize that in some instances this is necessary, and in others, there was probably no train to begin with?

Until next time.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uprising in Egypt

The land of the Pharaohs is an ancient Civilization and one which is a constant source of enlightenment.

Egypt is a democracy, something we must not lose sight of. People in power describe other governments according to their strategic self interest. Yesterday it was a Democracy, and today it is called a dictatorship, yet nothing has changed in that time.

Egypt is a Democracy. It has a Parliament. There are regular elections. Parliament makes laws. A judiciary interprets these laws. A police force enforces them. They have a State President. Egypt is a Democracy.

I am emphasizing this point because what is true about Egypt is true of all Democracies. We may not notice it because the truth is usually carefully camouflaged, but when those in power are challenged, the true colors are revealed, and what underlies all democracies is no different from what we see in Egypt today. And we need to take this seriously because we, too, live under a Democracy.

We are told Parliament represents us. When laws are made they are in our best interest. The Military is our force for our benefit. Egypt exposes the worst of Democracy and we must not lose this opportunity to learn the lessons.

As in Egypt and elsewhere, Parliament does not represent us; the laws are made irrespective of our views, and often against the wishes of the majority. The military is funded by us but is not answerable to us, and will often be used against us.

The commentary on television can be very illuminating. The visuals on one occasion showed members of the public directing traffic, cleaning up the streets and introducing security checks in their neighborhoods at night. Order was being restored by the people.

The commentator described what we were seeing as “scenes of utter chaos”. What would cause someone to see exactly what I have described and to interpret it in this way?

I do not believe that there was any malicious intent. This is simply the reflection of how she was brought up to think. In her mind, if we do something for ourselves, this is “utter chaos”, but when we are acting under instructions (of someone else), that is order.

This is the slave mind, created by social engineering, mind controlled and the subject of extensive indoctrination. Things are in plain sight yet we are unable to see.

This also manifested in another aspect of the commentary. There was a hysterical cry of “where is the police?” when they were no longer visible on the streets. Those interviewed and the commentator where equally distressed by this.

We have become programmed to think that safety and security means having the police around. We have learned to see them as a source of comfort. We have lost our trust in the Almighty and in our own ability to defend ourselves. We have been slaves for so long that we no longer know how to live as free people, in much the same as an animal bred in captivity that is now released into the wild. It will take time, but we will learn, if we give ourselves the chance.

Free people defend themselves. They have weapons and need no ones consent to carry or use them. They do not need or want others, including police, telling them what to do. There is no fear when this armed wing of government is absent.

Finally, there is a persistent clamor for clarification on “who is to lead”. Under slave systems, it is unimaginable that we will simply lead our lives as we wish, without anyone having to tell us what we may or may not do, without decisions being made for us, on our behalf, without our consent, and which we are forced to go along with even if we disagreed. With the outpouring of people on the streets, for the purpose of replacing the regime, the cry from the commentators is, “who will lead”?

Why is this so?

People are leading themselves but a slave cannot understand this, neither, I suspect, can most of the people themselves. This is a new experience.

There will be numerous leaders at different levels. National leaders will be decided upon during elections, not now. By creating a “leader” what it does is hamstrung the entire process by placing authority in the hands of a single person, one who can potentially be bought, and this has been the sorry history of Middle Eastern politics. It prevents the honest and spontaneous actions of people as they strive to end the tyranny they have been forced to endure for over three decades.

And here lies another interesting observation. When people act as a group with a leader, their actions are criticized as being “orchestrated” and not spontaneous. When people act spontaneously, there are demands for a leader.

As Egypt braces itself for the planned “million man march” in Cairo, the military, which has been building barricades around Liberation Square during the night, says it is one with the people, will not fire on them, and is there simply to maintain law and order. Whose law, we may well ask?

The people are on the streets because they no longer consider their government legitimate, and that means their laws as well. The Army promises to enforce these “laws”. How can they enforce them and still be at one with the people? Who is the army really protecting? If they are one with the people, then they too must accept that the government is illegitimate, and as such they can no longer enforce their laws. They are duty bound to remove the illegitimate people from office. The people are being hamstrung by the very people who claim to be with them, and this has been the sorry history of this ancient land. Today, 01 February 2011 is a watershed day.

The Egyptian people are in revolt (they are not revolting as I heard one commentator say). They are leading by themselves and need no “leadership for this.

The United States of America and others like it wish to see another puppet replace their current one. They parrot the lie of seeking “democracy” and for the will of the people to be respected, but are quick to note that it did not work out as they would have liked in Occupied Palestine and the same is almost certain to happen here.

There are renewed cries for increased support for the only Democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

Is Iran not a Democracy? It has a Parliament. It holds regular elections. The police maintain order. The judiciary interprets the law, but Iran, according to these people, is not a Democracy, it is an Islamo-fascist dictatorship (sic).

There will be false cries for the “strengthening” of Democracy in the Middle East in the light of the happenings in Egypt, the very opposite of what western dictators actually want. What can be more ironic? This is what the poor Egyptian people believe is best for them, and this is exactly what the "Democratic" west wishes to deny them.

I think the point has been made; they are all Democracies - Iran, Israel, USA, Egypt, UK, France, Russia etc. All are Democracies and they are all bad. The only difference between them is the extent to which they are corrupt and the degree to which they keep up the veneer of “freedom”.

The USA does this pretty well by having 2 dominant political parties, both of which follow the same primary policies, making it impossible for the people to introduce change no matter how many times they change from one to the other. And most do not see the futility of their actions. They have a ruthless security apparatus and a total disregard for the privacy of individuals.

What we require is the perfect system that is the product of the Perfect Designer, whose objective is to protect our freedom and to maintain peace, and is one which recognizes who the real “Supreme Authority” actually is, and one which needs no modification till the end of time.

Do we wish to remain under the dictatorship of a “Democracy”, or do we want the freedom to be ourselves? Egypt is moving painfully from one manifestation of dictatorship to another. What do we do for ourselves?

Until next time (God willing)