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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is this another planned “Order out of Chaos” scenario?

We watch in awe as country after country across the roof of Africa is shaken to its roots as ordinary citizens’ rise in anger against their despot rulers.

Those charged with ensuring that the state is protected from the wrath of its people are trained to act against criminals, not to fire upon their own families, friends and tribal members. Faced with this dilemma, it is not surprising that the “boots on the street” are deserting the state in droves and working with the people to bring about change.

Watching this unfold is mesmerizing. If only it were the whole story.

One cannot help but marvel at the pace at which events are unfolding and the organization that must be involved, for without doubt, what we are witnessing is the outcome of immense planning and organization, even though it may not initially appear as such.

I read a report that discussed a conference that was held last year (2010), and apparently followed another that was held two years earlier, in which youth groups from around the world gathered and were briefed on how to use the internet, cell phones and social networks to bring about the kind of change we are witnessing. The last conference included input from representatives of Google, Microsoft, and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

As the scenes play out, we are reminded of the words of Karl Rove, consultant and political advisor to former US President George W Bush, “We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Are we once again left to study the new reality they are creating? While we are still busy trying to make sense of it, will they be creating another new reality with the formation of the New World Order (NWO) single world government.?

We ignore at our own peril the response of “western” nations to these uprisings. In the past, irrespective of the country concerned or the number of people involved, these countries sent in their troops and their equipment to stifle and crush the opposition “in response to the request of the legitimate government for assistance”.

The legitimate complaints of the people were ignored using any excuse, no matter how implausible, but not this time.

We saw the legitimately elected government of occupied Palestine being rejected while the illegitimate “government” of Somalia is being imposed upon the majority. The History of Algeria and the rejection of the election results when the “wrong” people won cannot be forgotten. We find Afghanistan under siege, but these troops are there assisting “the government”. What has changed that the puppets are now finding themselves isolated and “betrayed” by their own puppet masters?

The allies of these despots are reported to have turned down calls for assistance, and are actually supporting the calls for change.Why? Surely this does not make any sense? What possible benefit can there be in replacing their loyal decades-long puppets with “democracy”. Indeed, it all seems quite bizarre until we study the bigger picture.

These puppets served their purpose in the past, but are now a liability. It is now time for chaos, out of which will arise “the New World Order”, a single government, unelected, that will rule the world.

To make this a reality requires compliant “leaders” across the globe. They will have to sign away sovereignty and allow their nation to be incorporated into the single world government. These current despots do not fit the required profile. They will not relinquish power. Faced with the loss of national sovereignty and their personal power, they could rouse their people against the plans for world government, and in so doing take away even the fig-leaf of legitimacy the architects of such incorporation desire. They will not want too much dissent, since their numbers are small compared to that of the rest of humanity and cannot hope to take on everyone at once. Those who oppose the plan have ways of getting themselves heard and this could proove problematic.

It is my belief that the would-be world rulers have decided that now is the time to use the people against their despots. This eliminates one of the problems. It makes no difference who is elected in the immediate aftermath; in time their agents will be insinuated into the highest levels of government. These puppets, the “authorized” leaders of the nation, will betray their countries and incorporate into the NWO.

It makes no difference that the process will be illegitimate. It will be “legitimized” by one of many possible means, such as rigged referendums or a "majority decision" of Parliament despite unversal condemnation by the people. It is amazing what some people will do for personal apparent gain.

Then, protest by the people will be treated very differently. They will be labeled as terrorists, and the world army will descend upon them to squash this rebellion in “their” province.

This sounds very gloomy, but it is where I believe we are heading. While I have no doubt that what we are witnessing across Northern Africa and the Middle East is a reflection of the sincere attempts of people to free themselves from oppression, I believe that the process is being assisted and abetted by the inaction of foreign nations, and their verbal support for change is motivated by their desire to eventually abuse what is happening for their own long term benefit.

The response of Big Business also sheds light on their view of the happenings. In the case of Assange of Wikileaks, the banks refused to process donations to him and his organization, and Google did not allow “Wikileaks” to appear on search lists. Today we find Google assisting people by making available “speak to tweet” and other means to bypass state censorship and its attempt to stop people from organizing themselves. This clearly indicates where the western elite stand in these uprisings. When these elites act, it is never for the benefit of anyone else but themselves.

The response of ordinary Israeli’s to the happenings in Egypt is also enlightening. They appeared to be at quite a loss. Their government’s initial response also suggests that they were not quite “in the loop”. For the New World Order to become a reality, every nation will have to lose sovereignty; that includes Israel. There is no place for a sovereign Jewish state under the NWO.

Jerusalem is slated to be the capital of the new World Government. One may speculate that it will be sold as the Capital of Muslims, Jews and Christians. One can imagine news reels showing people singing in the streets at the announcement, but not the images of those who oppose the new government, or their dead bodies or that of those rotting in rat infested dungeons.

Another practice common to the despots has been exposed in the last few weeks, and that is their use of thugs, criminals and mercenaries to perpetrate acts of violence against protestors and to destroy property. These criminals are on the bankroll of the “government”. This should make everyone stop and think long and hard.

Their acts are then attributed to the protestors, and used as justification for further state violence against them. It has not worked this time round, but it should be a somber lesson to us all. In existing democracies, the state uses the  alleged threat posed by criminals to justify the huge numbers of police in their employ, but these police are not there to protect us against criminals; they are there to protect the state against the backlash from civilians. This is the clearest indication to all thinking people that to have peace and prosperity, we require a government without the power to impose taxes, and a small police force that is made up of civilians, is under civilian control and which acts in our service.

We need to ensure that the revolutions produce the result we seek. The only way to do this safely is by eliminating the system of Parliamentary “democracy”, where one individual is empowered to make decisions that bind a whole nation, and to replace it with one where power lay the hands of each individual. The role of government must be to protect the free will of the individual and protect the peace. Only by implementing Shariah is this possible.

Under Shariah no nation can be illegitimately incorporated into a world government, because under this system the people are the government and they are the army and are empowered to arm and defend them selves, their families, their nation, and their freedom.

If we are to make sure that the martyrs did not make their sacrifice in vein, we must ensure that Shariah is the system we all adopt, and this applies to every individual, irrespective of our faith, race, culture or nationality. This is the only way to secure our independence.

It is time for Jew and gentile, white and black, European, African and Asian, monotheist, polytheist and atheist and everyone in between to join together in securing our future and that of our future descendants.

Umtil next time.

From the words of Mark Twain ...
Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that,

but the really great
make you feel that you, too, can become great.
To which I like to add

and the exceptionally great
Make you realize that you are great.
All you need to overcome is your fear.

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